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Alcohol Treatment Program Beverly Hills

Alcohol Treatment Program Beverly Hills

It is crucial to find professional help if you are suffering from drug or alcohol addictions. But what option do you Have? Are there some significant differences between drug and alcohol treatment centers and the programs they offer? Yes, there are. 

At 90210 Recovery, we are one of the best Beverly Hills alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. We offer a variety of effective rehab services. Our #1 goal is to provide a high level of care to every patient. Below, we highlight how our alcohol treatment program differs from other rehab centers in B. Hills. 

  1. Our residential treatment program let patients to focus on healing 

With our residential treatment program, patients stay at the facility round-the-clock for an extended period. These 24/7 residential treatment methods help individuals focus on their recovery by separating them from their everyday settings. We provide a serene environment that supports healing and recovery to all our patients. Patients who are also undergoing recovery are there for added support. 

  1. Our outpatient centers let patients return home 

 There is outpatient care for those unable to drop work or school and move into a residential setting for an extended period. Outpatient programs include the same kinds of services offered by inpatient treatment centers. One of these services is counseling, which may be in a group or individual format. Another service is detox, which is the first stage of recovery. While both types of treatments can address almost all addiction, outpatient cares are perfect for people with a less severe substance use disorder. 

  1. We reshaping how patients think and react

Two primary services are we offer within our residential and outpatient programs—behavioral therapy and pharmacotherapy. Our behavioral therapies help individuals change their behaviors and attitudes about drug and alcohol abuse and increase healthy life skills. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational incentives are two of the most commonly used behavioral therapies.

  1. We offer evidence-based treatment 

Our evidence-based treatment includes those interventions with highly documented success. They help patients become aware of what triggers relapse. Triggers can include anything that might cause a relapse. Addicts are taught alternative coping responses to things that lead to a relapse. Practicing these responses helps form good habits. 

  1. We provide continuing care 

At 90210 Recovery, we encourage our patients to return to our Beverly Hills drug rehabilitation center if they need more help. Since addict's lives are susceptible and fragile to relapse, they need immediate access to help in times of crisis. We recommend periodic check-ins to our treatment center. These can ease possible addiction problems before they become serious. Our continuing care plan includes steps for when and how to reconnect with needed treatment services.

Seeking Professional Help For Substance Abuse In Beverly Hills,

Do you need help with alcohol or drug addiction? Do you suspect you or a loved one are having other mental issues? Whatever your situation, 90210 Recovery can help you. Consider calling us today at 844-462-8571 to find out how we can help you overcome your addiction.




Alcohol Treatment Program Beverly Hills
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