Baptist Hospital Homestead

Baptist Hospital Homestead

Is There A Baptist Hospital in Homestead?

The Baptist Hospital is one of the most respected and highest-rated medical centers not just in South Florida but also in America. In Homestead, they have a hospital in Baptist Way.

The Homestead Hospital is frequented by patients who need outpatient care. It is also the healthcare provider of choice for people who need to undergo physical and speech therapy.

If you are looking for a clinic or a hospital that will give the same quality of services for patients, you can check out the Family Medical Clinic. Like a Baptist Hospital in Homestead, we can provide a wide range of services to our patients, including:

Urgent Care for Accident Injuries

There are different types of injuries, so there is no single type of treatment to cure them. A patient deserves a personalized care for faster recovery. We aim to give the highest quality of medical care for every patient.

If you encountered an accident, it’s important to get checked in a span of two weeks. Getting yourself checked is the best way to ensure you are on the best condition after an injury. Unfortunately, many people go through the injury and do not even realize it that they no longer bother seeing a doctor.

Beauty and Wellness Treatments

We have a medical clinic in Miami that also provides innovative treatment methods to help our clients achieve the beauty and wellness they deserve. Our services under this department include botox, fillers, weight loss programs, I.V. nutritional therapy, plasma-rich platelet therapy, and hormone therapy.

You can achieve a younger-looking complexion with our non-invasive Botox treatments. It is helpful in reducing the appearance of wrinkles in the forehead and other areas of the face.

When it comes to wellness, we can provide nutritional therapy services that will help people manage their stress levels. If you are experiencing stress and it is starting to affect your health, we suggest undergoing nutritional therapy.

For people with broken ligaments and muscles, we have the Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy available. This kind of therapy is also applicable to people with damaged bones and cartilage.

Medical Services

Our medical services are specially created for treating allergies and asthma. Allergies are very common, especially in children. They are characterized by sneezing, sore throat, and swelling of the nasal passage.

Allergies cannot be cured but a good treatment plan can reduce a person's response to allergens. A treatment plan is only possible by detecting the specific allergy. It requires a comprehensive testing, which is currently being done in our center here at the Family Medical Clinic.

Allergy is one of the things that trigger asthma attacks or the chronic inflammation of the airways. When treating asthma, we prioritize in creating a plan that will suit the patient's lifestyle.

The Family Medical Clinic can help you with any of your medical, beauty, wellness, and accident injury concerns. Our Homestead clinic, which is similar to a Baptist Hospital in Homestead, can be contacted at (786) 349-4753 while our Kendall branch can be reached at 305) 603-7824.

Baptist Hospital Homestead

Baptist Hospital Homestead

baptist hospital homestead              Homestead hospital at Baptist Health South Florida has been providing exceptional care for our community since 1940. More people choose Baptist Hospital of Homestead because of its state-of-the-art facilities, exceptional patient care, and peaceful recovery environment that is truly unique to Baptist Hospital of Homestead. But let's face it; going to Baptist Hospital of Homestead for the care we need is not always cheap, and that's putting it mildly. ...
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Baptist Hospital Homestead
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