Breast Lift Little Rock Arkansas

Breast Lift Little Rock Arkansas

There are many women today that are looking to have plastic surgery done as a way to improve upon the appearance of their breasts. If you are unhappy with the shape and position of your breasts, you may want to look into your options for a breast lift in Little Rock Arkansas. This is a viable option for many women who want to get back some of the shape and perkiness that they used to have that has disappeared for one reason or another.

What Is A Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a surgery, also known as a mastopexy, that is done to help raise the breasts. It is done by taking away excess skin and then tightening the tissue to help support and reshape the brand-new breast contour. With this type of surgery, women have the ability to refresh their figure with a new breast profile that is more uplifted and youthful. While it is natural for a woman to notice changes in her breasts over time, going through the process of losing the firmness and youthful appearance can be difficult. Such changes in the skin elasticity can happen from things like:

Gravity - As time goes on, gravity will cause the breast muscles and tissue to sag and stretch.

Fluctuations In Weight - Any changes in your weight throughout your lifetime can cause the breast skin to lose elasticity from the stretching.

Pregnancy - With pregnancy, the ligaments that support the breasts can stretch while they become heavier and fuller. The stretching that takes place can contribute to sagging after childbirth, whether or not you end up breastfeeding the baby.

Having a breast lift in Little Rock Arkansas can help to cut back on the sagging and also raise the nipple and areolae position. The areolae size can also be reduced at the time of the procedure to help keep them proportional to your newly-shaped breasts. You may want to think about having a breast lift if you are noticing the following issues:

Sagging Breasts -If you are noticing that your breasts have lost some of the volume and shape or they have gotten longer and flatter, you could be a good candidate for a lift.

Unsupported Nipples -Whenever the breasts are not supported, the nipples can start to fall below the natural breast creases/

Proportion -You may see that your areolae or nipples point downward or the areolae have begun to stretch out of proportion with the breast. Some patients may even see that they have one breast that will fall lower than the other one.

Even though a breast lift may not be for everyone, you can get the information that you need by meeting with Edward J. Love, M.D. at The Plastic Surgery Institute, P.A. As with any surgical procedure, there are certain risks involved that we can go over with you when you come in for a consultation. Our staff is dedicated to making sure that you have all the information to make a smart decision about your potential breast lift in Little Rock Arkansas and we look forward to seeing you.

Breast Lift Little Rock Arkansas

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