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dual diagnosis treatment centers Arizona

dual diagnosis treatment centers Arizona

Are you suffering from a co-occurring disorder, also known as a dual diagnosis? Do you want to live a healthy life without drugs or alcohol cravings, and no withdrawal symptoms? Good, then you need to come to our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Arizona. We, at Soul Surgery, vow to change your life for the best.

What is a dual diagnosis?

In laymen’s terms, it is a syndrome where a person suffers from a substance abuse problem, while also having psychological issues because of withdrawal. The substance can be an opioid, alcohol, pain killers, amphetamines, and so on. The mental disorder can vary, from anxiety disorders, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, and even PTSD.

A patient is affected in much worse ways with a dual diagnosis disorder than a simple substance abuse issue. Both problems overlap and cause a downfall of his psychological barriers. The only way we can cure and treat this disorder is by focusing on both issues simultaneously. With the help of our healthcare providers, we can create a comfortable and supporting environment for dually diagnosed patients.

Rehab treatment for dual diagnosis

Within our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Arizona, we have successfully applied the “integrated treatments” for years now. The experiences we have had with our patients indicate that it is the single most efficient program that deals with co-occurring disorders. And we are continually updating it as new clinical improvements arise.

We tailor our programs on the patient’s specific needs and health condition, but the core of the treatment remains the same. We apply some or all of the following procedures:

As for the shape of the treatment program, our patients can freely choose between Intensive Outpatient Programs, Partial Hospitalization Programs, or Outpatient Programs. Our integrated, holistic approaches also contribute to a patient’s wellbeing and psychological rehabilitation.

Efficient treatment for substance abuse problems

With a session of rehab at our treatment centers, you can quickly get rid of your drug-related addictions and the symptoms of withdrawal. With our psychotherapeutic techniques, we manage to drive out compulsions and addictive behaviors in as much as a few weeks or months.

Continuous interaction with our healthcare staff will increase your mental wellbeing and progress towards a life of freedom and happiness. Come to us now and start your journey of healing. Nothing is more important to us than your health.

Where can I get dual diagnosis treatment?

Right here, at the dual diagnosis treatment centers in Arizona. Our facilities will ensure the maximum level of comfort and support. The healthcare staff that will treat you is among the best in this field, and they have worked with countless other dually diagnosed patients before.

Soul Surgery offers you a way out of the vicious circle of substance abuse and withdrawal symptoms. Come to us, and we will turn your co-occurring disorder into a thing of the past.

dual diagnosis treatment centers Arizona
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