Lip Injections Little Rock Cost

Lip Injections Little Rock Cost

Want to know what lip injections in Little Rock cost? If so, contact Edward J Love of The Plastic Surgery Institute. Each lip injection procedure is different, so the price varies from client to client. Rest assured that you will find that lip injections in Little Rock cost less at The Plastic Surgery Institute.

We Won't Give You Duck Lips

Along with Botox, lip injections are among the most low-cost procedures we offer. Plus, lip injections use your own body tissues, and there are no known side-effects. However, if you researched online, you've likely seen countless videos and images of women who received lip injections and ended up with duck lips. Fortunately, this can be avoided! Even with the worst cases of duck lips, usually a day or so and a couple bags of ice is enough to get the lips back to normal.

At the Plastic Surgery Institute, we specialize in breast and body contouring and those minimally invasive things that we do to our faces. Lip enhancements (AKA lip fillers and lip injections) are one of the most common procedures we perform for our clients.

Trust Love When it Comes to Lip Injections in Little Rock

Edward J Love is a renowned Litte Rock plastic surgeon with a 100% client satisfaction rate. If you want an excellent job done on your lip injections, this is where to come! Of course, nobody will know, and that's the goal! Great lip injections look natural.
To get the best results from your lip injections, you should know your lip anatomy. Youthful lips are full only in the center, not all over. Also, this may seem counter-intuitive, but your bottom lip should always be bigger than your top lip. If you elect to go somewhere else for lip injections in Little Rock, make sure whoever is performing your procedure (doctor, RN, or nurse practitioner) is on the same page as you regarding how your lip injections should look.

As we age, our upper lips lengthen and sag. You cannot put too much filler in a long upper lip. It will lead to a crisis situation. Why? Because it will just drag the lip down even more. You won't be able to see your upper teeth. Trust us, this is not beautiful! We want your upper teeth to show. That's part of what makes a mouth look youthful. Selecting the right person to administer your lip injections is the key to make sure they're done correctly. Therefore, choose Love - Edward J Love for low-cost lip injections in Little Rock.

What to Expect After Your Lip Injections

Be prepared for the swelling that WILL occur the day following your lip injections and know how to manage it. Know in advance that even if you've had a small injection, that if this is the first time you've ever had this procedure done, your lips are going to feel huge to you! Don't worry! The swelling will go down, and there are things you can do to speed it up. For example, don't eat salty foods, drink lots of water with lemon, try to sleep with your head elevated that first night, and don't look at yourself in the mirror when you wake up! We recommend putting ice on your lips for 30 minutes before you look at yourself, or you might freak out!

For low-cost lip injections in Little Rock, contact Edward J Love of The Plastic Surgery Insitute.

Lip Injections Little Rock Cost

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