Recovery Center Riverside

Recovery Center Riverside

 Recovery Center Riverside

There are many substance abuse treatment centers in Riverside, California. However, Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery has been able to stand out from all other Riverside drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers for the past 26 years. Our community-focused approach has helped us stay relevant among the Riverside drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers in Riverside. Importantly, we do not employ a one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment. Our programs and treatment professionals treat each patient as an individual with specific needs and we devote our resources to meeting these needs.

Here are some things you get when you enroll with us:

  • An alcohol and drug-free lifestyle,
  • A safe, drug-free living environment
  • Lucrative employment, volunteer commitment or participation in an educational program.
  • Reputable connection with an ongoing support system.

Here’s how we plan on achieving these expectations:

We Adopt a Unique Approach

Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery provides unique addiction treatment in Riverside, CA. We adopt an approach that offers a continuum of care that delivers personalized addiction treatment. Our patients enjoy a range of care that includes outreach and low threshold services, detoxification, stabilization, aftercare and integration into society.

 We also employ innovative processes which are founded on nearly three decades of experience in successfully treating patients. Our patients receive comprehensive care in a modern, safe, and comfortable environment. We have found a way to offer our patients a blend of individual and group experiences that help them along their path to recovery.

We also let the patient’s family in on the specifics of the treatment program so that they do not get n the way of the patients while trying to motivate them.

This approach is designed to generate and control the right emotions in the patients without them needing alcohol or illicit drugs. It is an approach that was designed to treat substance addiction by providing education, accountability and support.

As one of  the best Riverside drug rehabs,we are also careful to factor in the severity of the addiction when designing a treatment model for patients. Regardless of your experience at getting help for substance addiction, you are sure to get custom yet comprehensive care when you enroll with us.

What We Offer

We offer an outpatient drug treatment program that allows clients to continue living at home while participating in a structured treatment program.

Some patients might be able to access the housing options on offer as long as they meet the requirements. They can also go to work, school, or attend meetings outside our facilities while enjoying a calm environment.

Contact the leading Riverside drug and alcohol rehab treatment center

Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery has been the go-to treatment center for many residents of Riverside and its environs for the past 26 years. We are proud to have positively influenced countless lives in that period. Our approach to addiction treatment addresses every patient as a unique individual, and our experts spare no cost to unravel each person's specific needs. Contact us today to get professional help or verify your insurance now.




Recovery Center Riverside

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