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Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment Center

Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment Center

Unfortunately, people still doubt that God can help them overcome sex and porn addiction. Boulder Recovery is a leading religious-based sex addiction treatment center offering fourteen-day intensive treatment for men. More often than not, pornography and Christians don’t go hand in hand. However, everyone makes mistakes at some point. Pornography addiction is something many Christians are afraid to seek help for, as they fear judgment and shame.

God can help people overcome sex addiction through the treatments available at Boulder Recovery. Porn addiction treatment in Boulder is more common than you might assume, but no other facility compares to the excellence found at Boulder Recovery. With a two-week religion-based program, clients receive help for porn-addicted Christians who want to alter their behaviors.

Why Christian Based Porn Addiction Treatment Works

At Boulder Recovery, every team member believes Christian-based porn addiction treatment produces effective results. You won’t receive naïve promises or misleading information when working the intensive treatment program at Boulder Recovery. The men’s pornography and sex addiction program uses Christian contexts to address intimacy issues. Clients receive support from a Boulder, Colorado sex addiction therapist for men and neurobiological approaches to treatment.

The men’s program helps adult males reestablish their relationship with Christ through intimacy-building exercises. Traumatic experiences may trigger addictive patterns or behaviors. Thus, men develop problematic approaches to sexual intimacy. Sex was created by God for men and women to enjoy with consent, but it isn’t challenging to lose sight of sex’s origins because of modern society’s lack of focus on Christian values. God meant for sex to be enjoyed within a specific context.

Unique Application of Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction to Treat Addiction to Pornography

Christian values regarding sex and intimacy are challenging to apply in a world full of sexual trauma. At Boulder Recovery, men receive intensive and interactive treatment to recondition the way they think about sex. By understanding sexual addiction, men may start the path to rediscovering their relationships with Christ. Men are created in the image of God, but it isn’t always easy to stick to the righteous path. Christian men shouldn’t be ashamed of needing help to say goodbye to addictive behaviors, thanks to God’s unyielding forgiveness.

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder Recovery is the ideal place for men to reconnect with God and His wonders. Clients will develop a truly authentic relationship with God by locating the root cause of their addictions. Seeking help is the first step in the journey to recovery!

How Christ can Change Your Life

Christ alone can help you resolve sex and pornography addictions, but you will need support along the way. Boulder Recovery is currently accepting new clients wishing to kick destructive addictions once and for all. Boulder Recovery’s team doesn’t judge men who need help finding their way back to God. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel any shame when admitting you have a problem. The Boulder Recovery team will happily pray with you and continue to pray for your success along your journey. If you would like to speak with an addiction specialist, you can click here or call 720-902-9919.

Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment Center
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Religious Based Sex Addiction Treatment Center
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