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According to a recent study carried out by the National Institute on Aging, three in ten American seniors live alone. Although seniors maintaining their independence aren’t a bad idea, it's essential to identify the benefits attached to seniors' socialization and the dangers of the social aspect of senior life. This article highlights why seniors should socialize and the benefits attached.

Why Should Seniors Socialize?

Healthy relationships benefit everyone irrespective of the age. Social interaction is essential for seniors, as it helps them stay mentally, emotionally and physically fit. Spending quality time with others lowers the risk of potential social isolation in elders and the resulting symptoms of cognitive decline, depression, and disease. There are different opportunities seniors could explore to socialize and improve their life quality. Few are suggested below;

Benefits of Socialization for Seniors

Why is social interaction so significant for older individuals? Let's look through some of the benefits of a senior social lifestyle:

Improved Physical Health

Surrounded by like-minded individuals who support and encourage you, it helps to participate in physical activities regularly. At our Westlake retirement community, group workouts and amenities like swimming pools give seniors the chance to socialize with others while promoting sound physical health. Regardless of the amplified fitness opportunities available, friendship is said to relieve a person's stress, leading to better cardiovascular health and a sound immune system.   

Positive Mental Health

Consistent social interaction with friends around enhances one's mental health by keeping the brain active and engaged. The feeling of 'being among' boosts moods and reduces the risk of anxiety and depression. On days when you feel overwhelmed, friends' supports can get you through tough times.

A Longer Lifespan

Socializing helps you stay active with positive feelings, thereby positively impacting your lifespan. Social connectivity is as vital as eating well, without excess smoking and drinking. The National Institute on Aging after research suggests that "Social isolation in older adults is a significant risk factor for morbidity and mortality." Therefore, the engagement of older individuals in regular social activities increases their life span.   

Discover the Health Benefits of Socializing at a Varenita Senior Community

Our Westlake retirement community offers a stimulating environment where resident thrives as one big family. As said, "Seeing is believing!" pay a visit yourself to speak to some of our residents.

Here's how we can help. All activities provided at our Westlake retirement community are tailored to help achieve your mental, physical, and social needs. Also, providing diverse opportunities for better social interactions exists in our community, offering seniors the exact support, company, and engagement needed for the entire well-being. 

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